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Did you know we're a not for profit social enterprise? We're a community interest company, which very basically means that our social purpose is stronger than our drive to make tonnes of cash. It's important to us that we consider all of our business decisions, and make the right ethical choices, for our local community, the environment, our staff and our customers. 

We work in conjunction with three charities to run a programme of on-the-job training for people with additional challenges in life, such as a learning disability or a  mental health problem to provide them with the support and confidence to seek paid employment. We also provide paid employment opportunities to these delegates if the opportunity arises. 

We aspire to be zero waste, we will not tolerate single use plastics, and all of our takeaway containers and coffee cups are fully compostable. We recycle our food waste, it's all taken away to be composted rather than sent to landfill 

To summarise, you can be sure that when you use our cafe, you are contributing to social good.