Want to know how to look, feel, hell... even smell better this January?

vegan wedges

It’s official. Down there...that little Christmas pudding shaped pooch currently residing where your abs of steel previously glistened, is in fact not just visiting for the holidays.

Let's be clear, we've got nothing but love for a little Botticelli belly.

It's the interminable lethargy. The foggy head. The shakes and irritability when you haven’t had your caffeine and packet-of-biscuits break (yep, you and I both know it's never just the one).

We feel you. It doesn't have to go on like this. 


Join us this January as we delight you with recipes, tips, bust some myths and reveal the benefits of what it means to eat vegan. 

To celebrate Cafe Van veganuary, parties of 4 get their 4th main dish on the house.
No more awkward meals out with vegan 'friends' banished to a corner, huddled over a plate of tofu.
Cafe Van Gogh is a safe space.

A home where vegans, flexitarians and meat lovers alike can break delicious bread in peace and harmony. 

cvg autumn menu 4.jpg

Hmmm, I'm still suspicious. How do I know this is for me? 

We are not a cult. We’re not interested in shaming your eating habits or dietary requirements. Our sole purpose is to serve THE most delicious food that does a number on your tastebuds. You’ll be banging down our doors begging for more.

(Fostering co-dependency? Yes. Fully blown cult? Definitely not....yet...)

This isn't about portion control, a strict exercise regimen, or downing 24 pints of water with fresh lemon, a dash of apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper concoctions. 

Let’s keep it simple. 

Sumptuous home-cooked grub, bursting with flavour and goodness. 

Check out chef Harriet's  Apply & Parsnip soup recipe

Check out chef Harriet's Apply & Parsnip soup recipe

What do I get out of overthinking what I put in my mouth? 

1) Feel fuller for longer 

Important scientists say this. It must be true. We reckon it’s got something to do with all the sunshine and goodness in the veggies. Eating vegan for breakfast, lunch and dinner keeps you way from that 3pm Snickers 4-pack 'snack'.

Studies have revealed the vegetarian and vegan diets are great for removing toxins from the kidneys. These toxins usually come from meat proteins.

All the fibre from eating whole, plant-based dishes encourages slow energy release. Glucose and protein are used as they are absorbed. 

2) See your skin glow

Ditching the dairy can have an amazing effect on your skin. Dermatologists have distinguished the link between diet, inflammation and hormone imbalances.
Want to lose the red blotches and skin blemishes? Switching out the diary helps. A vitamin packed, plant-based lifestyle will turn you into one of those smug my-skin’s-so-lush-it-glows-in-the-dark types. Ugh. Gross.     

3) No more sugar highs and lows

Research shows that the highly processed modern diet (refined sugar plus carbs) combined with stress slows metabolism.
Soooooo, we can't do anything about the stress. (Although, watch out for more Yoga Van Gogh sessions coming this year...stay tuned!)

But, plant-based diets are naturally low in fat and rich in natural sugars. This goes back to the 'keeps you feeling fuller for longer' thing.
Because your body is absorbing and using energy slowly, your snack cravings will likely disappear.

On the flip side, vegans desserts are one of our specialities.
Categorically unwilling to compromise on taste. Our sticky toffee pudding, oreo sundae and freshly baked cake specials are testament to this.
It’s just one long, pure grade, sugar high at CVG.

Bourbon Cake Dessert Cafe Van Gogh.jpg

Ahhhh, I'm sold! How do i get involved? 

Want to join the Cafe Van Veganuary challenge? 
Here’s how we’re rolling?

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1) Follow & join the daily chat on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for unmissable recipes and inspiration. 

2) Sample the goods and invite your friends for delectable brunches, lunches and dinners Tuesday through to Sunday.  Each 4th diner get’s a free main for until Jan 31st*   

3) To win a limited number of random treats & gifts share your vegan challenge feedback each day across socials using #CafeVanVeganuary.

Who's with us??

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*4 dishes for 3 offer applied to large plates and main meals only. Small plates and starters excluded.