To support you on your post Veganuary journey, we’ve put together our favourite online communities.

Hang out with this lot for recipes, recommendations, restaurant reviews, taste tests, moral support, (even your future life partner!).
Basically, get answers all the questions you wanted to ask but haven’t had the balls to yet.

London Vegans

For vegans or aspiring vegans living or working London.
This community tackles the challenge of being in a London, a global city, where sometimes there can be too much choice. 
Get the lowdown on the best places to eat, meet, stay and shop from locals in the know.

Vegetarian & Vegan London

Meat reducers and flexitarians are warmly welcome in this community.
They have created a safe space, full of positive plant-based vibes. Get the latest food news, where to buy & what to eat. Sign up to local events and learn about vegan fitness. 

London Vegan Meetup

Where all things vegan online and offline  collide.
Sign up to join the latest vegan flavoured events. There’s everything from supper clubs, vegan book launches, cooking classes, Vegan drinks night, Food market trips. Best place to make some great new connections and be a member of of the world’s largest vegan social group. 

Vegetarian London

This is the accompanying community to Vegetarian London the ‘pocket bible’ relied on by thousands of London vegetarians and vegans and tourists (30,000+ copies in print). Hear about vegan events, new restaurants, shops, questions, about being vegan in London

London Drooling Vegans  

Want to recruit a crew to visit a vegan event, festival or restaurant? Or want to join up to one of their scheduled social gatherings. This is the one for you. A welcoming, all inclusive bunch for vegan and vegan-curious people. 

London Vegan Singles

Want to take your accountability to the next level? Lock in a romantic partner via London Vegan Singles. You just need to fulfil the criteria of being single (although we’re sure a vegan polyamory group will spring up by the end of the week), vegan (or transitioning), and living in London. 

This is another a warm supportive group. At best you'll find a great romantic match and the very least, vegan sympathising new friends. 


THE group to share tips, recipes and support for those transitioning to vegan. If you’re on your veganuary journey, this is a great source of peer support and compassionate accountability long past January 31st. 

Intersectional Vegans of the World  

For vegans who take a pro intersectional approach (intersectionality refers to varying social identities and their related systems of oppression, domination, or discrimination). This community is an invaluable insight into how the principles vegan lifestyle apply to all areas of our lives, our beliefs, behaviours and consumption habits. 

Vegan on a budget

Being vegan isn’t only for rah-yah-yoga darlings or green juice drinking Gwynth’s. This community is for transitioners and seasoned vegans to share recipes, tips ways to save on the weekly shop. 

Which communities did we miss? Let us know in the comments.