A "grow your own" vegan recipe from Steve Clarke

This one is a visual delight. I’ve had mates over for lunch before who thought it was an inedible table decoration. It involves a little bit of planning, i.e. I try and plant mostly edible flowers and vegetables on the roof of my boat, so I can both enjoy the taste and look of my garden.

All of these ingredients are grown on board, there’s nothing to stop a trip to the shops though..

  • Nasturtiums, flowers and torn leaves. Calendular petals
  • Pansy flowers
  • Mixed salad leaves.
  • Torn mint leaves
  • Courgette, sliced into ribbons using a potato peeler.

Give everything a rinse, and check that there are no insect hitch-hikers in the flower petals.

I always have this with a cider vinegar, honey and olive oil dressing, but i prefer people to dress the salad on their plate, it means any left overs last until the next meal time.

Throw it all together in a wooden salad bowl, that you’ve grazed a fresh clove of garlic around the inside.

- Archive post from Steve Clarke's blog